O M   N A M A H  S H I V A Y A 
New Year 

Holy Day


It's time to expand our awareness of "spiritual beings",
give energy to actions and habits that we consciously choose
and live fully by integrating our radiant spirit into life.

As we enter 2023, we take a day to engage in revitalizing practices as well as to identify intention and the new way we want to BE in the world.

The Yoga tradition offers an inspiring alternative to "New Year's resolutions" with the practice of Sankalpa and Samyama, inviting us to create the life we ​​are meant to live by continuing to connect with our sincere intentions, our deeper desires, our truth and the qualities of the divine within us. Inviting us to put them into practice through concrete commitments, personal discipline and focus, habits that become support and strength to expand and move in a more free and joyful way.

Our Retreat will be a sacred time to come home in body, mind and spirit and move towards a setting of authentic intentions that is aligned with the lifestyle we want, the deepest meaning of our life and the highest version of ourselves - which we already are but which the time has come to express in its fullness.

A journey that begins by recovering inner connection and the ability to listen to our intimate feelings, together with the concrete ability
to live more consciously, to nurture the positive, bright and higher tendencies of our actions and ways of being.

Let's start the New Year with sacredness, 
nourishing renewed life energy, gratitude, intention
and choosing new habits for the life we ​​want to live.

.Connect and ground yourself.
Entering 2023 with an open heart and a clear vision, 
new determination and personal freedom. 
Make every day, every breath sacred .

OM LIFE  Letter

Energy . Vision . Inspiration . Way of Life . 

Wherever you are. Let's connect Online on Zoom

10:00-12:30 CET

In the morning we immerse ourselves in yogic practice and teachings to awaken the body and mind, bringing a deep and revitalizing rest to the whole being. Through movement, breath, meditation and sound, we access the space of peace, silence and joy that are the source of our creating a life more in tune with our being "spirit", we rekindle the connection and inner vision, opening ourselves to the ability to listening to our innermost needs, feelings and understandings as a guide to move with intention and renewed vital energy.

15:00 -18:30 CET

From this space, in the afternoon - starting from the yogic knowledge of Sankalpa (intention) and Samyama (commitments with ourselves) as guides that lead us to discover ourselves on the path of self-expansion - we explore the sacredness of small acts of daily courage through which we honor the subtle immensity and with the help of discipline we bring it into everyday life, transforming it into a way of life. By creating a practice and routine that supports the new way we want to be and move in the world.

The way you live today, is how you live Life.

this retreat is for you if...
  • you feel you want to start the year with intention and sacredness - beyond good resolutions, immersing yourself in a conscious reflection on your most intimate feeling and on how to express it and bring it into the world
  • you want to spent time with your own self - connecting, restarting from you and listening to your deep needs, feelings and truths.
  • you are looking for a way to create your daily routine, acts and moments that honor the sacredness of lifethat support vital energy, mental clarity and joy in the everyday.
  • you are struggling with self-discipline but you sense that you need to contain and give direction to your physical, mental and spiritual energy.
  • you are on a path of manifesting more and more your spirit and your essence as "spiritual being" both in your actions and in living in the world..
share with friends
Invite those around you who feel the need and desire
to expand and open up to something else, even if they don't know what yet!

More and more of us want to live with meaning and more "sacredness"
- that which incudes intention, attention and gratitude!

What we are sharing is much more than a pleasant one-day practice!

It is the seed for a path - personal or collective - simple, practical, surprising
which will lead those who dedicate to it time and energy to a year of great personal growth,
with their own style, to their own measure, as it probably wouldn't be possible if moving alone.
with you in the retreat

We both believe that the meaningfulness 
resides in knowing how to embodie in our living our being spirit and light, love and consciousness.
Living from there. 
Then all organises itself around it.

Beatrice and Roberto
With such a joy I start the year by offering you a retreat in which - after a long time - I am returning to teach together with Roberto, my husband.

We are a couple in life and fellow travelers on the spiritual path for 22 years.
In this time, we have "filled each other's cups" as Kalhil Gibran puts it - taking turns becoming each other's teacher and pupil, sharing experiences that have expanded our lives inevitably touching each other's for the better, inspiring and uplifting her. We went through difficult times guiding and supporting each other, going back to our practice, the teachings we were privileged to receive, applying them over and over again. Making them our very life, our way of life.

We taught together for years and then Roberto chose to expand his self-expression by creating his start-up, experimenting in unknown fields and showing once again how the guide of our self, the practices to keep it alive and clear, are always been and continue to be the real strength for each new achievement.

With this Retreat we begin a new moment of life together: returning to sharing with those who want to be inspired by our journey, each starting from their own wealth and experience, from their own achievements, entrusting ourselves to the harmony and joy of our living and growing together in everyday life. from there. Then all organises itself around it.

retreat's program

10.00 – 12.30 Practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga of Sound
We connect with our Self by activating vital energy, resting the mind, refining and awakening the intellect.

12.30 - 15.00 Lunch break Consciousness and walk in Nature

15.15 - 16.00 Let's explore the practice of Sankalpa with Beatrice and Roberto

16.00-16.40 Yoga Nidra practice: sowing the seed of our personal Sankalpa

16.40 - 16.50 Break

16.50 - 17.45 Samyama and lifestyle - Scheduling supportive actions to live the way we want to BE in the world with Roberto

17.45 - 18.15 Meditation

18.15 – 18.30 Closing and Namaste'

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