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1-DAY RETREAT YOGA&MORE a Villa Castelbarco, Imbersago_2 aprile 2023
REVIVE YOUR SELF_Classi settimanali di Yoga e Meditazione
O M  N A M A   S H I V A Y A 

Winter Retreat

Restore to Reconnect

A unique immersion to experience beneficial practices and teachings to take care of the whole being 
- opening up to a deeper connection, depth and freedom, while sustaining joy, 
cultivating a lighter, calm and expanded mind, bringing brighter awareness to our lives.
The retreat will be guided in English by Beatrice in a small group (max 14 people). 
This ensure there is plenty of space for personal attention, deeper connection and self-reflection.

An intimate opportunity to restore, reconnect and cultivate a sense of aliveness.

A restoring and healing dive into your own self.

Pause. Be. Connect.

A unique immersion into our own self - taking care of body, mind and the whole being, bringing brighter awareness to our lives, sustaining joy and deep connection.
Surrounded and supported by powerful healing nature, nutritious food and relaxing setting, while days are getting shorter and colder inviting to move inward, we slow down. We get into contact with our body and our prana (vital force) by exploring movement, meditation, breathwork and self-love practises and rituals.

The pausing time is the secret of a brighter life and deeper connection to our intuition and heart.

We will spend 5 days togehter at the highly energized Mandali Re on Lake Orta - to allow time and space for yoga teachings, restorative and transformative practices, deep reflections, true reconnection.

Five days of pausing, feeling alive and clearing the body and the mind, while connecting to yourself, your inner wisdom, intuition and heart. We will breathe deeply and fully, soak in nature and community, rekindle hearts and nurture a time for stillness, joy and reflections.
Our week will include daily yoga and meditative practices, nourishing and healing meals, rejuvanating water immersion at the spa, recharging contact with nature and a global community coming together to grow, release, embrace and celebrate life in a mystical relaxing space.

The yoga and meditation practices are open to all levels – exploring Asana and Pranayama, Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep meditative practice), Nada Yoga (Healing Sound) and other purifying and transformative practices preparing body and mind to the experience of meditation as a natural state of resting in our Self.


Premium Twin Lake (600€)  .  Single Lake  (650€)  .  Premium Single Lake  (800€)

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